02/01/2024 – February 2024 Newsletter

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Well, darn!! I’ve been priding myself in getting these newsletters out on the first of the month. Yikes – I am now five days late. Ugh!! Yes, we’ve been busy – but I apologize for the delay. Our focus lately has been on all of the end-of-the-year reporting that needs to be done for the winery and time has gotten away from me. 

February is always a somewhat dreary month. It is still wet and soggy sprinkled with a little fog too. However, there is always that first gloriously sunny day late in the month where things just appear clean and crisp and you realize it actually stays light out until almost 6 p.m. – and we get that first glimmer of springtime. 

And as some of you know, I also celebrated my birthday just a few days ago. Along with a card, Marc got me a little booklet that’s called “Back In The Day” – which reminisces about the details of life back in 1962. For starters – John F. Kennedy was President, a new home cost $12,500, the average new car cost $3,125, a Senator’s salary was $22,500 per year, a teacher’s salary was $5,515 per year, gas cost 31 cents per gallon and the first Taco Bell opened for business. 1962 was also a good year for Italian wine, which was the most popular at the time in the U.S., with an average cost of $1.10 per bottle. 
My, how times have changed!

However, one thing that has not changed in 62 years is the celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14. Along with some of our specialty soaps and candles for sale in our tasting room, our Tre Liscious blend makes a perfect gift for your special sweetheart.  Marc calls this label “Hot Lips Houlihan”. Most of you will understand that – but our younger customers just politely smile when we mention that nickname. Yep! Something else that makes me feel old!

We appreciated all of you that came out to our Wine Club event in January. It rained a lot that day and we were not sure if we’d get a crowd or not. It turned out to be our biggest event yet! Along with many cases of wine, we served over 110 lbs. of homemade chili and well over one hundred cornbread muffins. The day ended with many of our precious wine club members literally dancing in the rain to our awesome music! It was a fun time and we thank those of you that attended! If you were not able to be there – your wine club package awaits you!

As always, we are so very thankful for your support of Twisted Barrel Winery. We hope that you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine with us sometime soon and that you are blessed with a rainbow or two sometime this month!

Denise Warmerdam
(Mom and Oma) 

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