06/01/2024 – June 2024 Newsletter

Our starting lineup…..hitting it out of the park!

It’s been a couple of years in the making and a long-time goal, but we’ve finally done it! Just in time for the warmer weather, our new white wine menu is in the game and becoming a fan favorite!

Our leadoff hitter is our Chenin Blanc, a very light-bodied, adaptable varietal that has no problem getting our white menu started and on base! In the two-hole position is a consistent player, our Chardonnay. Fermented in steel, not oak, our Chard continues to be a favorite contact hitter in the tasting room! Advancing the others into a scoring position is our new Picpoul Blanc. Blending consistency with power, our full-bodied Picpoul is one of our strongest members of the lineup. Batting clean-up and one that makes the fans roar is our Albarino. With it’s high acidity and fruity citrus flavor, it is a proven slugger! And last, but not least, in our five-hole position is our Symphony. Having been our MVP at Twisted Barrel for numerous seasons, our Symphony always scores big! 

A new recruit to the white wine team and one worth keeping an eye on is our Rose’ Carignan. Brock and our oldest son Brandon hand-harvested this varietal and are very proud of the finished product! With it’s beautiful grapefruit color, this Rose’ is refreshingly dry and crisp with hints of cherry and white peach. We anticipate it working its way to team captain in no time! 

June is shaping up to be a busy month at Twisted Barrel Winery. June 7th will be another Firepit Friday. We will be enjoying some of Marc’s Bing and Rainier cherries along with some homemade cherry cobbler. Hope you plan to attend. Then later in the month, we have a couple of private parties booked, so make sure you check our website for time adjustments on some of the Saturdays in June. In planning ahead, July 5th will be another Firepit Friday where we will be hosting the Dylan Rose Band from Santa Cruz. This is a five piece group that has a huge following and promises to make our 4th of July celebration weekend special!! July will also bring another wine club pick-up party on July 20 with details to follow.

While the summer heat is approaching, please know that our tasting room is always nice and cool. We are open every Thursday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. Come try our new white wine menu or just sit and share a glass of your favorite red with us! And as always, we appreciate your support of Twisted Barrel Winery. 

Denise Warmerdam
(Mom and Oma) 

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