About Twisted Barrel Winery!

Twisted Barrel Winery offers a new take on an old art. As one of Lodi’s boutique-style wineries, the family business is creating small lot, quality wines that specialize in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese varietals. The winery combines family, friendship and an open door policy to raise the bar and create an all inclusive tasting experience for all to enjoy. Extra touches come into play in the tasting room – tasty tidbits, music and no-pressure-vibe.

Twisted Barrel Winery began production in 2014, and opened the tasting room in January, 2015. However, Verl Tanner, the Senior Winemaker, has been making wine for family and friends since 1988. Moving from Modesto to Lodi, he joined LAVA, the Lodi Amateur Vintners Association. In 2004, Verl brought his son Mark  into the process and their hobby quickly became a passion, perfecting wines that reflected their individual style with broad appeal to a wide range of palates. After a long night of bottling, the family and friends sat down and decided that opening a commercial winery might be the next step. After much deliberation on a name, Twisted Barrel Winery was born.

The winery’s name mirrors its mission to craft exclusive blends that are slightly twisted and adventurous while also staying true to traditional favorites such as Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Barbera, among much more. As the name suggests, Twisted Barrel Winery likes to live a little twisted, outside the box.  We make a commitment to innovation and a hands-on winemaking process,  trying to provide different varieties of wines that people don’t see every day.

Twisted Barrel Winery is a venture that  is entirely family-focused, with each glass or bottle intended to be enjoyed with old and new friends alike. With each visit,  visitors can get to know the winemakers and owners themselves- something the Twisted Barrel Winery family takes pride in. In addition to our wine club, the winery provides opportunities for complimentary wine tasting celebrations, complete with music, food and fun.

With a visit to our  tasting room, you will find that Twisted Barrel Winery holds true to this mission, and invites the community to experience the winemaking process. We want people to see how our wine is made. Our goal is really to be a nice, small winery that is family oriented, really open, and has a lot of personality. The drink-ability and reasonably priced wines are key to the Twisted Barrel family, customers, and tasting experience. We are just trying to give the public somewhere they can come have fun in a great atmosphere. Our goal is to keep achieving that: Have a good time, make good wine, and meet new people..

Above all, the family and friends that make up Twisted Barrel Winery aim for long term consistency in our creations. People will always get a great wine for a fair price. Here at Twisted Barrel winery, friends of old and new are treated like family, or as we like to call the “framily”.