Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

February’s beloved holiday is Valentine’s Day! The day is named after St. Valentine, a 3rd century Roman priest who is the patron saint of lovers, love, affection and friendship. It’s the latter two that relate to Twisted Barrel Winery.

Literally every week, we are blessed with customers that come in to share their stories. We’ve celebrated your families’ achievements – weddings, births, graduations and jobs. We’ve also shared in some of your hardships – health issues, elderly parent struggles and other personal challenges. Through it all – we are honored that you all come in to share your lives with us! We feel that affection and friendship – and we appreciate you including us in your lives.  There is nothing better than friends sharing their stories over a glass of wine! In that sense, we have become somewhat of a local “Cheers”…“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…..”

At Twisted Barrel, we are always glad you came! And we will celebrate all of you on Valentine’s Day for the friendship and affection you have shared with us!

If you’ve stopped by recently, you’ve seen our new Popcorn Bar. It’s been a huge hit and we are ever so thankful to Mr. Alvin Costa for sharing his Kettlecorn magic with the winery! We’ve got sweet, cheesy and savory flavors  available for you to pair with your wine. Make sure you come by and enjoy some of Costa’s Finest Kettle Corn!

Don’t forget to pick up your bottle of Sparkling Brut or Sparkling Rose for your Valentine celebration. We are well stocked on both.

One last note – St. Valentine is also the Patron Saint of beekeepers. Go figure!

Denise Warmerdam
Mom and Oma