Harvest Time!

These hands….! These are the hands of our youngest son, Brock. Most of you have met him, he’s the wine-maker for our family at Twisted Barrel. I’ve seen these hands as pudgy little fingers playing in the dirt, I’ve watched them struggle with learning to hold a pencil and catch a ball, and now I watch as these hands craft the fruits of our labor into wine.

Harvest is an exciting time. I read a book long ago that talked about the average farmer getting approximately 40 chances at harvest. While Marc and I are winding down our seasons of harvest, it’s fun to watch the kids begin their harvest journeys. I should add, it’s the hands of the five siblings binding together that have made all of this possible. It has been Brock’s dream, but without the others graciously circling the wagons around the family, none of this would have happened. We are also learning to work together, appreciating each other’s skills and “harvesting” our family dynamic.

Some things to watch for this month at the winery – we have a special Fire Pit Friday happening Sept. 2 with barbecue, s’mores and the amazing music of Addington, Rogers and Gill. We will also be pouring our wines at the Lodi Grape Festival on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 16 and 17. Stop by to visit and sample some wines. And, we’ve recently introduced our beautifully-colored Petit Verdot, which has quickly become a customer favorite!

We hope you are able to visit Twisted Barrel some time during this harvest season. Brock is frequently at the winery, come by for some wine and shake these hands (I’ll make sure he washes up first)!

Denise Warmerdam
Mom and Oma